Will Uttar Pradesh government include unrecognised madrassas in the list of govt madrassas, asks Mayawati | Lucknow News


LUCKNOW: BSP national president Mayawati has asked the UP government if it will provide grants to the unrecognised madrassas identified by it in the state and bring them within the ambit of government madrassas.
She said in a tweet on Wednesday that the UP government had created a special team to get the survey of private madrassas, running on donations from people, done. The survey is now over and there are more than 7,500 unrecognised madrassas imparting education to poor children in the state. “These private madrassas do not want to become a burden on the government then why is the government interfering (with their functioning)?”

The BSP government had included 100 madrassas in the UP board in 2007, said Mayawati and raised a question to the government if it will include these madrassas in the list of government-owned madrassas?
“Initially it was the Congress government that cheated madrassa students in the name of madrassa modernization.” Instead of providing students higher education of their choice it provided training in carpentry and driving, she said, adding that now wait and watch to see what will happen in the BJP government.

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