Varanasi: For the first time, ‘khazana’ for devotees from Annapurna temple on KVT premises | Varanasi News


VARANASI: For the first time from this Dhanteras, the Kashi Vishwanath Dham also begins the tradition of distributing ‘khazana’ to devotees from the Annapurna Temple (where the idol of the Goddess brought back in November 2021 from Canada is placed) installed inside KVT premises.
Till now, the tradition is followed at Annapurna Temple where pilgrims bow their head before the golden idol of the Goddess Annapurna to get a ‘khazana’ as her blessing.
As per the tradition, the main sanctum sanctorum where the golden idol of the Goddess is placed opens for devotees once a year on Dhanteras, and remains open for next four days.
This year, the main sanctum sanctorum was opened on Sunday morning. Thousands of devotees queued up in barricaded area around the temple of Goddess Annapurna near KVT to get a glimpse of the golden idol to collect the ‘khazana’ of Goddess Annapurna that is distributed to devotees as ‘prasad’. Despite elaborate security arrangements made by police, especially for crowd regulation chaotic scenes were prevailed many occasions especially when queues were passing through narrow lanes of Dhundhiraj Ganesh entry point.
The KVT administration also opened the 18th century idol of Goddess Annapurna, brought back to India in 2021 after being kept for over a century in the University of Regina’s collection at MacKenzie Art Gallery in Canada, for devotees.
KVT chief executive officer Sunil Verma said that as per the decision of temple trust distribution of ‘Khajana’ of goddess was also started from this year.
Before the festival of Dhanteras, the walls of temple, where this idol is placed, was coated with silver plates donated by a devotee from south India, said officials.
Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath had performed the rituals of installation of this idol in November 2021 in the courtyard of Lord Vishwanath at KV for worshipping. The CM had also expressed gratitude to Prime Minister Narendra Modi for his efforts for bringing the idol back to Kashi.

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