Trapped for 20 minutes inside mangled bus, surrounded by death: Rewa bus tragedy survivor recalls horror | Bhopal News


BHOPAL: “I was trapped inside the bus for nearly 20 minutes. The entire front portion of the bus was crushed, everyone there died…15 is just a number to count…but if you think of it…”, says Raghuveer, 25, one of the survivors of the Rewa bus accident.
Raghuveer, resident of Piprahi village in Gorakhpur district of Uttar Pradesh worked as a carpenter in Hyderabad and was going home with other family members and locals from his village for Diwali when the bus met with the accident. He had sustained severe injuries in his waist bones and is not able to move properly.
“My elder brother who was also in the bus was trying to pull me out and he was then accompanied by police personnel who broke the window and pulled me out nearly 20 minutes after the accident”, he said.
“We were around 8 people who were sitting on a single seat on the upper deck of the bus as the bus was double decked and we were awake. It was around an hour before the accident that the driver had stopped at an eatery, there he had probably consumed liquor and when he started he had lost his balance, when we objected, we were told there is some problem with the brakes. I think if it had not hit the vehicle then also we would have died as the bus was likely to fall into a 200 feet deep ditch along the road”, he said.
“When we left Hyderabad we were in another bus, we were shifted to this bus at Jabalpur a few hours before the accident”, he added. “No women or kids had died. Two women have sustained injuries and a 12-year-old girl I saw had sustained a fracture in her hand”, Raghuveer said.
“I am grateful to the local police and administration that reached immediately, pulled us out, took us to hospital and then brought us to another hospital. However we have urged them to send us home as family members are worried and calling repeatedly. I will go home first and then get myself admitted at the hospital there. There is a severe injury in my waist bone”, he added.

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