This company wants to make space travel ‘affordable’


This company wants to make space travel affordable

Space tourism is certainly creating quite a stir. Jeff Bezos’ Blue Origin and Richard Branson’s Virgin Atlantic have already announced their plans for space tourism. But space travel is really expensive and out of reach for the majority. However, according to a report by Digital Trends, a company is looking to make it relatively affordable.

The report says that Space Perspective has made and tested a luxury eight-seat piloted capsule. Called Spaceship Neptune, the capsule is lifted skyward by a huge hydrogen filled balloon. The capsule, as per the report, has a refreshments bar, reclining chairs and windows all around.

However, there’s a catch. The Spaceship Neptune can only rise 20 miles above the earth — which is three times higher than a long-haul passenger get. Blue Origin and Virgin Galactic will offer zero-gravity experience that allows travellers to float around the capsule. Space Perspective doesn’t offer any such thing. What it does offer is a longer ride. Space Perspective’s ride will last for six hours compared to the Blue Origin which lasts for 10 minutes from launch to landing.

According to the report, passengers aboard the luxury capsule will get two hours of ascent, two hours to enjoy the views and then two hours to back home.

The Spaceship Neptune ticket costs $1,25,000 (about Rs 92.5 lakh) whereas Virgin Galactic ticket costs $4,50,000 (about Rs 3.3 crore).

Spaceship Neptune has already started selling tickets and first flights will take off in 2024. However, as per the company, tickets for then are already sold out but for 2025 rides are available. The capsule will launch from Florida’s Space Coast Spaceport.



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