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Subhash Ghai is shocked that actors are being cast in movies based on their Instagram following, unlike his times when they were cast based on talent and personality. In an exclusive chat with ETimes, the other day, Ghai said, ”
Ek bewakoof doosre bewakoof ki tareef kar raha hai aur doosra bewakoof khush ho raha hai. LIke you told me in an off-line chat before our interview that new generation actors are being cast depending on the number of followers they have on Instagram. And you are right.”

Elaborating on this, Ghai added, “Sometime ago, I did a film ’36 Farmhouse’. The actors started telling me about the number of followers they have. Social media gives great exposure but you surely can’t decide anybody’s personality and acting talent based on his/her Instagram following.
Woh producer aur director hi galat hai jo unko Instagram followers ke aadhar par cast karta hain.” See the full interview in the video below:

In the same interview, Ghai had expressed serious concerns over the approach of today’s actors. “The actors of 90s still understand the importance of the story- be it SRK, Salman or Aamir. They want the job to be done well and they know that the money will follow. But today’s generation wants the money to come first; they are just bothered about their personal branding and fees; they feel they have become big brands, they are surrounded by an entourage who even tells them to look left or right.. They look like s
abun tel waale log jo apni shooting chhod ke ad karne ke liye chale jaate hain. Gone are the days when actors did not sleep for two days if they had a challenging scene coming up. But today’s actors leave a film midway for 2/3 days if a commercial comes along; they shoot it and then return on the set after a gap.”

And that induces a disconnect? ”
Of course, farak padega na? Did you ever hear about Rajesh Khanna or Anil Kapoor in his hey days do ads?
Aap theatre se ghar aao toh actor tel bech raha hai, you begin to wonder that what happened to him/her since you just saw him/her on the big screen talking about patriotism?”


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