Six-lane bridge to ease up Shringverpur dham path for pilgrims | Allahabad News


Prayagraj: Visiting the noted pilgrimage site of Shringverpur Dham, located 30 km from Sangam city in the trans-Ganga area of Prayagraj district would now become easier. As part of the ambitious Ram Van Gaman Path project, a 1200-meter long six-lane bridge will be built here to ease the darshan for pilgrims.
For Shringvepur Dham, a 30 km road will be built from Avtarpur in Pratapgarh to Muratganj in Kaushambi district which will be part of the Marg (route) which is believed to be the route taken by Lord Ram for exile.
As part of this very initiative, a six-lane bridge has been approved on the Ganga. A total of Rs 1,785 crore will be spent on this entire project, said deputy chief minister Keshav Prasad Maurya during his visit to the city. The deputy CM also informed that a ramp for the elderly would also be built in the six-lane bridge to be built at Shringverpur.
This phase of the project would be completed by October. Maurya said that the construction of the Ram Van Gagam path will be complete with the installation of the Kalash of the Ram temple in Ayodhya.
Starting from Mohanlalganj to Raipura in Chitrakoot, the work of Ram Van Gaman Marg will be done in four phases. The total length of the route will be 132 km for which an amount of Rs 3,300 crore would be incurred by the government.
Maurya further informed that this is the dream project of the government and that the district magistrates (DMs) of all districts together should remove all the obstacles in this path. There are a total of 44 such religious spots on the Ram Van Gaman Marg, which is associated with Lord Ram.
The development and construction of National Highway No 731A from Mohanganj to Jethwara – Shringverpur – Muratganj – Mahewaghat – Rajapur to Chitrakoot has been divided into four phases.
In the first phase, the length of the route from Mohanganj to Autarpur is 35 km. In the second phase, the length of Autarpur to Muratganj is 29.682 km in which a six-lane 1200-meter long bridge is also proposed on the river Ganga at Shringverpur Dham. The third phase is of the total length of 48.068 km and is from Muratganj to Mahewaghat, it is proposed to be widened to four lanes. The route also includes Manjhanpur bypass and Rajapur bypass. The fourth phase is from Rajapur to Raipura, which has a total length of 19.25 km.
The estimated cost of the route from Mohanganj to Raipura will be around Rs 3,300 crores. The construction work of this road will be completed in a phased manner in the coming three years. The deputy CM said that due to the preparation of this route, it would be convenient for the devotees to travel from Ayodhya to Chitrakoot.
After the construction of Ram Van Gaman Marg, development work will be done at a faster pace, tourism will also be promoted, which will also provide employment opportunities.
Maurya also informed that travelling from Kaushambi to Andawa will now be easy as the road as a 46-km- long four-lane will be ready in near future. The estimated cost for this will be Rs 800 crores. Along with the construction of the Ram temple in Ayodhya, the construction work of Ram Van Gaman Marg is also going on at a brisk pace. From Ayodhya to Markandeya Ashram Chitrakoot, 44 such places have been identified where Lord Ram stayed during his exile along with his wife Sita and brother Laxman, that are places of great significance for the pilgrims.

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