Self-immolation outside SC premises: Youth who immolated self along with rape survivor dies | Varanasi News


VARANASI: Though family of Satyam Prakash Rai, who had immolated self along with the rape survivor outside the Supreme Court in Delhi on August 16 and died Saturday morning, had ended all relations with him 2 years ago, his father Indrabali Rai said family had received his body in Delhi to take here for cremation.
Satyam, a native of Siyadi village in Bhawarkole area of Ghazipur district, had won Uday Pratap College’s students union vice president election in 2013 and fielded the rape survivor in UP poll in 2015 but she could not win. Satyam was lone witness in the rape case filed against jailed BSP MP from Ghosi Atul Rai. With the complainant in a rape case against Bahujan Samaj Party MP from Ghosi Atul Rai, who is in jail in same connection, Satyam had immolated self accusing the policemen of harassing them at the behest jailed Atul Rai by implicating them in a forgery case.
Talking to TOI Indrabali Rai, who had retired from police department in 2015 as head constable and settled in Saidham Colony of Bhojubir area in Varanasi, said, “We got the news of his death early morning. Some family members and relatives were present in Delhi, who had received his body following legal formalities. Body is being taken here and we will cremate it.” He admitted that youngest among four siblings Satyam was unmarried and his relations with family had almost ended for two years.
He had also given it to police in written that he and his family members have no connection with Satyam after the rape survivor lodge case against Atul Rai and Satyam’s name came to light as witness in this case. Natives in his parental Siyadi village in Ghazipur recalled that he had visited there three years ago for two hours only to attend the last rites of his grandfather.
Satyam had become active in students politics by winning SU poll of UP College to become vice president in 2013. After it he came to contact with the rape survivor and in 2015 Satyam fielded her in SU election but she could not win. After she lodged rape case against Atul Rai, Satyam could be found accompanying her on social media, government offices and other places.

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