Ptr Ups Vigil In Wolf Sanctuary | Ranchi News


DALTONGANJ: The management of Palamu Tiger Reserve (PTR) directed its field workers to curb unwanted human intervention and other disturbances around the 78 dens spread over 63 sq km in the Mahuadnr wolf sanctuary during the breeding season.
Officials said over 100 wolves are estimated to be present in the lone wolf sanctuary of the state. They mostly return to the dens from October to November and February to March for breeding.
Deputy director (south division) of PTR, Mukesh Kumar said, “We are maintaining a vigil to ensure that no human being, including shepherds and tourists, venture near the dens during this period. We have asked ranger Brinda Pandey to locate the active dens and focus on safeguarding those from human interference,” adding, “We advise tourists to visit wolf sanctuary only between sunrise and sunset.”
Meanwhile, no incident of wolve-human conflict has ever been recorded. Ranger Pandey said, “There has been no episode of wolf harming any villager, except taking away poultry.”


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