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NOIDA: A tussle over who holds the reins of the AOA of an apartment complex in Sector 78 descended into a brawl that also involved security guards and left two residents injured on Thursday evening.
A group of residents of Hyde Park alleged on Friday that they were trying to hold a meeting of the newly elected AOA, when some security guards interfered — allegedly on the directions of the incumbent AOA members — and started shoving them.
The women who sustained minor injuries in the scuffle filed a complaint on Friday.
DCP (Noida) Harsh Chander said a non-cognisable report was registered at the Sector 113 police station and two security guards were arrested.
A video of the altercation has been doing the rounds on social media. It shows a group in blue uniforms, apparently the society’s guards, and some residents shoving each other. A few women in civilian clothes are also seen pulling the hair of one female security guard. The men in uniform have sticks in their hands.
At Hyde Park, Rakhi Marwa – one of the injured residents – said she and her sister were attending the elected AOA’s general body meeting when the guards tried to stop it.
“We were supposed to meet at the central park of the society, but the garden had manure all over it, so we shifted to the amphitheatre. It had been just 15 minutes after the meeting started, when the guards switched off the lights. Soon after, they came and started pushing and hitting the residents. We know that the former AOA members were giving them instructions while they were hitting us with the sticks,” Marwa said.
The row dates back to last week, when polls were held to elect the new AOA. A day after the election on October 15, the newly chosen AOA – led by HP Dinesh Negi – was handed over charge by the incumbent president Ashwini Tripathi.
On October 17, the new AOA went up to the office of deputy registrar (Meerut), Varun Khare, to register their group, only to find out that a registration had been made a few days back by some members of the incumbent AOA.
Residents said that Tripathi had stepped down from his post, but the treasurer Nitish Kashyap and the secretary of the incumbent AOA hadn’t. The treasurer releases the funds for security staff salaries.
On this, the deputy registrar ordered that the conflict will need to be resolved by the sub-divisional magistrate (Dadri), Alok Kumar Gupta. But until the “disposal of the matter, the former executive (incumbent AOA) will conduct the daily work”, the order said.
Kashyap said the incumbent AOA had sought nominations for the election on October 11 and 12, but no one came to file it. “Since no one participated, we declared the election (winner) unopposed and gave our representation,” Kashyap said.
He added that it was the residents who fought with the guards when they inquired about the meeting. “Residents slapped the guards who had to use the sticks for their protection,” he said.
Tripathi, the former AOA president, supported the new AOA, saying the other members of his association had not handed over documents to them. A member of the new AOA, Sujeet Kumar, said: “Former AOA members secretly went ahead and filed their representation.” The deputy registrar and the newly elected AOA president, Negi, could not be reached for comment.

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