Partial Solar Eclipse Sighted For 30 Mins In Ranchi, Hazaribag | Ranchi News


RANCHI/HAZARIBAG/RAMGARH: While temples remained closed for visitors for several hours, common people in Ranchi, Hazaribag and other parts of the state gathered on their terraces and in open spaces to get a clear view of the partial solar eclipse that took place on Tuesday.
Weather scientists at the India Meteorological Department (IMD) office in the state capital estimated that Ranchi and Hazaribag, which had the most prominent views of the eclipse in Jharkhand, witnessed the eclipse close to 25%.
In Ranchi, the phenomenon began at 4.48 pm and lasted till 5.16 pm, while it lasted in Hazaribag from 4.46 pm to 5.14 pm.
Clear evening skies in Ranchi helped the denizens as they gathered on rooftops with binoculars, sunglasses and makeshift glasses to catch a glimpse of the solar eclipse.
“While the phenomenon continued for more than an hour, it was not visible in Ranchi any more as the sun set,” said Abhishek Anand, a scientist at IMD Ranchi.
Following the rituals, prominent temples in Ranchi and Hazaribag kept their doors shut. In Ramgarh, the doors of Chhinnamastika Temple were closed at 2.29 pm for visitors and opened again at 6.32 pm.
“The temple’s doors were reopened for devotees after the purification process with Ganga jal, aarti and sringar,” said Ajay Panda, head priest of Chhinnamastika Temple. The temple, dedicated to Hindu deity Kali, had recorded an overwhelming footfall of devotees on Kali Puja on Monday night.


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