Noida, Ghaziabad hospitals treat 70 for burn injuries on Diwali | Noida News


NOIDA/GHAZIABAD: Noida reported as many as 50 burn patients on Diwali, and Ghaziabad nearly 20, but no severe burn case. However, a private hospital in Kaushambi received a 55-year-old woman with 70% burn injuries and later referred her to another hospital.
“Her saree caught fire. She came to the emergency ward with 70% burn injuries. We stabilised and then referred her to another hospital for further care. We also provided first aid to three to four other minor burn patients and sent them home,” said Dr Ruchi Garg from Yashoda Hospital, Kaushambi. All government and private hospitals stayed on alert to deal with emergencies. The doctors with the District Combined Hospital (DCH) in Ghaziabad said they received 15 calls from accident and burn patients and patients with stomach infection.
Dr Vinod Chandra Pandey, chief medical superintendent, DCH, Ghaziabad, said, “Out of 15 patients who came to the emergency ward on Monday, one had suffered minor burn injuries while bursting crackers. We gave the patient first aid immediately. Three others injured in road accidents also came for medical care. The other cases included abdomen infection, fever, and general health problems.”
The health officials with the DCH in Noida reported eight burn cases on Diwali, but no patient required admission to the hospital. “Though we had put the doctors on alert, nothing major happened. The eight patients had minor burn injuries and received treatment at the emergency ward and were sent home,” an official said.
Noida chief medical officer Dr Sunil Sharma had asked the government hospitals and doctors to stay on alert to manage any situation during Diwali. In addition, doctors from the cardiology, gynaecology, infectious diseases departments, among others, also had received directions to remain available on call for any crisis.

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