Man Records Video Of His Wife Committing Suicide | Kanpur News


KANPUR: In a shocking act, a man from Hanumant Vihar area of Naubasta allegedly recorded a video of his wife committing suicide. The incident, which took place on Monday night, came to light after a woman’s family members approached police on Tuesday. The deceased was identified as Shobhita (32).
The woman ended her life after quarrelling with her husband Sanjiv Gupta (38) over family dispute. Police have detained Sanjiv, who runs a mobile shop in Sagar market in the City. In the video, a voice,which is probably of Sanjiv, wherein he could be heard, saying — “This is your thinking, very bad thinking.. Very bad thinking… Telling the truth”. After Shobhita ended her life, he informed her father -Raj Kishore, and even told him that he had made a video of his daughter while she was committing suicide.
Raj Kishore told investigators that when he reached his son-in-laws house with the family, his daughter Shobhita was lying on the bed and Sanjeev was pumping her heart. Later, he scolded Sanjeev, when he tried to show him a video clip of Shobhita’s suicide on his mobile phone and immediately took the daughter to the hospital in Govind Nagar, where doctors declared her dead. Soon, Raj Kishore alerted the Police Control room about the incident. Subsequently, a police team along with Forensic experts reached the spot and initiated investigations. Raj Kishore also alleged that his son-in-law Sanjeev instead of saving his daughter from committing suicide, was busy shooting the video of her. Later, Police took Sanjeev into custody and started his interrogation. Couple has a three-and-a-half-year old daughter from their five years of marriage. ACP Govind Nagar Vikas Kumar Pandey said that forensic team inspected the spot. “The post-mortem of the dead body is being done, we have also obtained a video -clip, further action would be taken on basis of a complaint and autopsy report,” ACP added.

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