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Kanpur: The station controller cum train operators (SCTOs) of Kanpur Metro are being given a world class training at the Center of Excellence for Training (COET) in Lucknow to start Metro Services between IIT and Motijheel (Priority Corridor) in Kanpur.
For imparting training to its staff, the Uttar Pradesh Metro Rail Corporation Limited (UPMRC) is equipped with all necessary technical equipments at the COET located at Transport Nagar Depot, Lucknow amongst which the most prominent is ‘train simulator’. Only four Metro Rail Corporations —UP Metro, Delhi Metro, Hyderabad Metro and Namma Metro (Bangalore), have this facility in India.
The simulator is a replica or an exact copy of the driver’s cab of a Metro Train so that the ‘train operator’ can have a real experience during training period. First, the trainees undergo classroom training and then they are trained on simulators.
In first phase, the trainees are trained on desktop simulators where there is a screen like a train driving cab with all the control buttons and a lever. In the second phase, drivers are given the experience of ‘5D Motion Simulator’ which is . a replica of the driver’s cab of train.
In the screen present inside the Motion Simulator, the driver sees the city buildings, roads and passengers etc. In this stage, the trainees are being trained for proper door opening and closing.
They are also trained to resolve or to tackle all types of possible emergencies situations/technical glitches, such as doors stucking or fire.
There is a Passenger Emergency Intercom in train so that passengers can talk directly to the ‘Train Operator’ in case of emergency. A training for the same is also given in training session.
CCTVs are installed inside the simulator through which the monitoring team continuously monitors and evaluates the performance of the trainees.
After training on simulators, the trainees practice on the test track of depot. Train operators are given a ‘Competency Certificate’ only after practicing 400km of train operation.

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