Jharkhand to slash syllabus by 25%, to conduct 2 term-end exams | Ranchi News


RANCHI: The education department has decided to reduce the syllabus of all classes by 25 per cent and also hold two examinations in 2021-22 in view of the Covid pandemic.
Education secretary Rajesh Sharma said the department is thinking of holding two term-end examinations for all the classes on the lines of the CBSE. The first one will be multiple choice questions in November.
He said, “In case we fail to hold the year-end examination in February-March due to Covid, the marks would be assigned on the basis of the term-I (November) examination. Like in CBSE, the syllabus of term-I examination and the year-end examinations would be separate.”
Sharma said the administration is hoping that Covid will not be at its peak during both the examination and at least one of them would be held. He added that the letter in this regard will be issued shortly.
Moreover, the syllabus will be curtailed by 25 per cent this year as almost one-third of the academic session has been disrupted due to Covid. It may be stated here that schools have remained closed till class 8 while offline classes for class IX to XII started early this month.
Sources said the State Council for Educational Research and Training would be working on the amended syllabus, adding tht committees have already been formed in this regard.
The subjects, which were taught to students in earlier classes, would be removed. In addition, topics, which are not very important, could also be curtailed. For instance, for English, grammar would be retained but a few stories may be dropped. Last year, the government had reduced the syllabus by 40 per cent because of the Covid pandemic.


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