Hyderabad’s restaurant Feu 2.0 has a modern rustic vibe


Feu 2.0 in Hyderabad is a restaurant that makes a style statement, enriching the dining experience

Walking into Feu 2.0 in Jubilee Hills in Hyderabad is like walking into a mini castle. This restaurant, spread across 10,000 square feet and three floors has a modern day fairytale setting: a broad staircase, a stone-finish floor, and cosy furniture you can relax in.

Feu 2.0 owner Shilpa Datla says she wanted to make a style statement while bringing her passion project to life. The interiors are an outcome of her travel experiences and inspirations. .

Hyderabad’s restaurant Feu 2.0 has a modern rustic vibe

“The struggle to make a project a success is not easy, but the feeling you get when your customers walk out with a smile on their faces is unexplainable,” says Shilpa, who opened the Feu Dessert Bar and Culinary studio in 2018.

The restaurant could easily become a go-to Sunday brunch option with its patio and long barn style tables. This new address offers flavours from across the globe and drinks based on botanicals. The menu shows combinations such as celery with star anise, kafir lime leaf with cranberry and ginger ale, watermelon with cantaloupe and elderflower syrup, papaya with cranberry and basil.

Hyderabad’s restaurant Feu 2.0 has a modern rustic vibe

Consultant chef Seefah from Mumbai and in-house chef Jo designed the menu to offer a good mix of oriental and continental. Egg lovers will be at peace here with the breakfast menu. Those who want a wholesome meal to begin their day can have a smoothie bowl. Plus, there are the waffles. The bar right now offers a range of cocktails and mocktails. On the food menu, the sushis and lemon grass-flavoured prawns help the Asian section win brownie points. The other good picks are the pizzas and burgers, for those messy-eating joyous moments. Also highly recommended is the pesto pasta and pad thai and the red wine jus chicken.

Having started as a dessert bar, Feu is making sure they are on top of their dessert game with the cheesecakes, champagne vanilla panna cotta, and chocolate caramel.

Feu 2.0

Meal for two ₹1,000 approx

Must try: Asian and pizzas and burgers

Address: near Chiranjeevi Blood Bank, Jubilee Hills, Road no 13, Hyderabad

Children allowed, not pet friendly, valet available


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