Holistic welfare policy for all studying in madrassas objective of survey: UP minister | Lucknow News


LUCKNOW: Responding to BSP national presidents Mayawati’s tweet asking the Uttar Pradesh government if it will provide grants to the unrecognized madrassas identified by it in the survey and bring them within the ambit of government madrassas, minister of state for minority affairs Danish Azad Ansari clarified, that government’s objective for conducting survey of unrecognized madrassas is to facilitate it in developing holistic welfare policy for all students.
Speaking to TOI, Danish said, “It’s up to madrassas whether they want to benefit from the government’s welfare scheme or not. There is no compulsion for them to get recognized by the state madrassas board of education. The survey will help the government to find the exact number of students, so that we can prepare a holistic policy for their welfare.”
There are currently 20 lakh students in 16,513 recognized madrassas in Uttar Pradesh, and roughly more than 15 lakh in 7,500 additional unrecognized madrassas.
“We just can’t ignore the students of unrecognized madrassas when the government is preparing welfare policy for them. It’s the responsibility of government to ensure all Muslim children are given opportunity to grow. They have all rights to study Islam and religious text, but with changing times they also need to be taught computer, science and other subjects. Their personality development and exposure to new world challenges is part of the government’s goal,” he said.
“Unrecognized madrassas will be given the opportunity to get themselves recognized under the UP board of madrassa education after they fulfil the government laid criteria. Such madrassas will have a chance to connect with government schemes like Kaushal Vikas Yojana, Nai Roshni, Seekho aur Kamao,” he added.
To get affiliated or recognized by the UP madrassas board, the madrassa have to ensure that basic facilities such as classroom, table/bench/chairs for students, proper lights/fans, toilets, drinking water and others.

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