Government directs private job portals to share job data of job seekers in the healthcare sector


The government has directed private job portals to share the data of job seekers in the healthcare sector with the government as it plans to create a dedicated window to augment human resource capacity to meet the demand of healthcare professionals.

After due deliberation, it has been decided that a dedicated window will be created on the National Career Service (NCS) portal of the ministry of labour and employment to match the demand for various categories of healthcare personnel and the available resources in a dynamic manner, the labour ministry said in an order dated July 26.

“Accordingly, the private job portals having healthcare related data of job seekers are directed to share the data with the NCS portal,” it said in the order. They will be required to do so till December 31, 2021.

As per the order, the sharing of data of job seekers with the NCS portal shall be done through API integration of the concerned portal or database.

The government has constituted an Empowered Group -3, under labour secretary Apurva Chandra as convener, on augmenting human resources and capacity building for effectively addressing evolving challenges from Covid-19 pandemic.

The EG-3 is part of six empowered groups set up by the government last year to address various issues pertaining to management of COVID-19.

The Empowered Group-3, which is chaired by Amitabh Kant, CEO, NITI Aayog is entrusted with the responsibility of coordinating with private sector, NGOs and international organisations for COVID-19 response related activities.

The group is entrusted with the task of roping in over 1 lakh civil society organisations, NGOs, UN agencies, industry partners and international organisations to create synergies with the government in creating a unified response system to the pandemic.

The Center for Disease Dynamics, Economics & Policy (CDDEP) in the US had in its report in 2019 said India has shortage of an estimated 0.6 million doctors and two million nurses.

The deficit became all the more evident during the first and second wave of the pandemic when cases shot up substantially. Worst still, the availability of trained healthcare professionals is worse in rural India with the majority of them concentrated in urban centres.


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