Finance Minister to resume economic survey next year


Finance Minister Palanivel Thiaga Rajan said on Thursday that he would resume the Annual Economic Survey next year before the Budget.

In his reply to the debate on the revised Budget in the Assembly, he said the survey had not been released in the last 10 years. He stressed the need for gathering as much data as possible across as many platforms and sources and integrating them into one database and ensuring that they were up to date.

He underscored the need for analysing the data and extracting appropriate lessons. “We will study how many suo motu announcements were made [by the Chief Ministers] and how many of them were implemented and how many were given up. How the resources were tapped into and how the money not in the Budget was mobilised? How these announcements make an impact on the government and the finances? A report on this would be released in the Assembly,” he said.

As for the MLAs’ request for unrestricted use of the constituency development fund, he said, “A good decision would be taken in consultation with the Chief Minister.”

Mr. Rajan said that as per law, the relationship between the government and the legislature could not exceed a limit as they had to function as two different pillars. “I promise that whatever help and finances necessary would be extended without violating the tradition,” he said.

The Finance Department’s building in Chennai, would be named after late DMK leader and former Finance Minister K. Anbazhagan. “It will be called Perasiriyar K. Anbazhagan Maaligai,” he said.


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