Festive Spirit Hit By Outage, Water Woes | Noida News


NOIDA: Despite a ban on crackers, residents of Sectors 61 and 119 found innovative ways to burst crackers in the dustbins, breaking five of them across the two sectors.
Meanwhile, minor power cuts were reported on Tuesday from Sectors 30 and 92, water shortage continued after Diwali in Sector 51.


In Sectors 22 and 19, residents alleged they had to celebrate Diwali amidst dirty foul odor water. Due to a drain reconstruction work under way in Sector 27, sewers are clogged leading to water overflowing on the roads with filth piling up in the stormwater drain in Sector 19, whereas in Sector 22, the festive spirit was spoilt by foul-smelling supply water.
Residents from a highrise apartment complex in Sector 119 complained of three dustbins broken due to crackers, Rajiv Chowdhary, RWA general secretary of Sector 61 maintained two dustbins broken on Diwali. “Two dustbins in the park of block C were completely broken to shreds after someone burst crackers in them,” said Choudhary.
Sanitation also took a dip in a couple of sectors on Diwali. “The second stormwater drain, which passes through our sector is overflowing these days due to the reconstruction of a drain in Sector 27. As a result, dirty water flows into the A and B blocks of our sector through the small interlinked drains. Sewer water overflowing onto the sector roads was very distressing on Diwali. It led to a foul smell during the festive period,” said Laxmi Narain RWA president of Sector 19.
Madan Sharma, a resident of Sector 22 complained of foul water supply in blocks I, J and H of the sector, while residents of Sector 51 faced water shortage during the festival of lights. “We have been facing severe water shortage during the festive period. The problem of insufficient water is continuing since October 19. We have informed the Noida authority officials and tweeted the problem seeking a solution from UP chief minister Yogi Adityanath. But there’s no redress,” said Sanjeev Kumar, RWA general secretary of Sector 51, who added that the water quality in the sector is also very poor due to the lack of Ganga water supply these days.
“The TDS level in the water supplied to our sector has been close to 2,000,” said Kumar who urged the UP government not to clean the Ganga canal during festivals. “The Ganga canal should be cleaned either 15 days before the festivals or 15 days after,” added Kumar.
Meanwhile, minor power disruptions of 10 to 15 minutes were reported from sectors 30, 92, 19 and more.
Authority officials promised better water supply in the coming days, regarding sanitation and broken dustbins, and they assured to address the issue soon.

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