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Kanpur: Schools in industrial city reopened on Monday with classes from 9 to 12 having 50 percent or less attendance. A low student attendance and strict adherence to Covid protocols marked the first day of schools. At Dr Virendra Swarup Education Centre, Kidwai Nagar, there was excitement among students who had turned up to attend physical classes. The school management had divided the class batch strength to half to ensure there was no overcrowding. Face masks were a must. Also social distancing norm was strictly followed.
School principal, Sharmila Nandi said that there was excitement among the students, teachers and staff on school re-opening. “We ensured staggered entry and exit timing for students of class IX and X and XI and XII to ensure that there is no crowding. It was a must for all to wear face mask. For students of classes XI and XII, school ended in five hours (7:30 am to 12:30 pm) and for students of classes IX and X also, school duration was the same (8:30 to 1:30 pm)”, she said.
She also said that students will come on alternate days. The batch of students which attended classes on Monday will now need to come on Wednesday and Friday and those who will attend on Tuesday will need to come on Thursday and Saturday. “Strict Covid norms will be followed each day”, she added.
Sheiling House School also became lively with the presence of students. The students had returned to school after four and half months. They had last come in March to appear in the final exams, which were held in offline mode. The Covid protocol was strictly followed here and the students were made to sit at distance to each other. They were wearing face mask. Teachers also wore mask and followed Covid protocol. School principal Vanita Mehrotra on being contacted said, “Only those children were allowed to come to attend classes whose parents had given their written consent. We followed Covid protocol strictly. Students were made to sit at a distance with each other. Their body temperature was also taken.”
She also said that last time students had attended school was in March this year when they had come to write their exams. And now they have come up after a gap of four and a half months. At Allenhouse Public School, Khalasi Line, 81 students of different classes (9th to 12th) turned up on the first day of school reopening. These students attended classes for around 3:30 hours.
Principal, Ruchi Seth said that all Covid norms were followed as per the protocol. She said that about 81 students attended the offline classes on the first day. These students belonged to classes IX to XII. “We only allowed those students to attend offline classes in the school whose parents had given their consent. We expect more students coming in for offline students in future. We are ready with all preparations done beforehand. Sanitisation of the classes is being done regularly. Students were made to follow all protocols. They wore mask. Our teachers wore mask. Social distancing was also followed strictly. The students were happy to attend classes”, said Ruchi Seth while talking to TOI.
A girl student said that her seating order had been changed to maintain distance and only a handful of students were present. At the entrance gate, arrangements had been made for thermal scanning and sanitizers were placed at the entrance and in every classroom. Mask was compulsory for students, teachers and staff members as well.

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