Blw Sets High Standards Of Cleanliness | Varanasi News


Varanasi: The Banaras Locomotive Works has set high standards of cleanliness involving all its work places, offices, railway colony, workshops like loco assembly shop, loco frame shop, loco test shop, truck machine shop, engine shop, pipe shop, machine shop, new block shop and entire premises in the special cleanliness campaign.
The BLW spokesperson, Rajesh Kumar claimed that special emphasis has been laid on cleanliness of workshops and workplaces. At the same time, special attention is being paid to the cleanliness of the surrounding public places, and arrangements were also made for the collection and safe disposal of plastic and other waste.
According to him, since October 2, BLW has carried out continuous cleanliness drives, covering its offices, workshops and other departments. The BLW general manager Anjali Goyal reviewed all the departments and alerted all the officers and employees making important contribution in the special cleanliness campaign. She is regularly visiting workshops, offices to spread awareness about the campaign.

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