Banaras Locomotive Works stocks up to tackle third wave of Covid-19 | Varanasi News


VARANASI: The Banaras Locomotive Works (BLW), working in close coordination with the district administration, has geared up to combat the anticipated third wave of Covid-19.
BLW general manager Anjali Goyal on Thursday inspected the Central Hospital of BLW, and also the functioning of PSA oxygen generation plant. The oxygen plant with a capacity of 610 liters per minute has been installed at BLW Central Hospital. This plant was inaugurated by the Prime Minister Narendra Modi during his visit to the city on July 15. It has been set up through corporate social responsibility funds arranged by the district administration. This will help increase beds with oxygen from 40 to 100 at the BLW hospital, adding significantly to Covid preparedness.
The GM also reviewed the preparations for the special paediatric ward for potential Covid affected children. On advice of the district authorities, BLW has made arrangements for 18 oxygen beds, six ICU beds, seven BiPAP machines and three high-flow nasal cannulas for the children. Procurement of additional medicines and other necessary equipment required has been done. These facilities are a critical infrastructure given that the paediatric population is more than 3,600 under BLW hospital care.
According to BLW spokesperson Rajesh Kumar, BLW has scaled new heights in the concerted efforts to overcome the virulent second wave in coordination with district administration. Moreover, ambulance services and steady supply of medicines and oxygen has ensured safe recovery of patients admitted at BLW hospital. On the request of the district administration, BLW gave five ventilators to Homi Bhabha Cancer Hospital for Covid emergencies.
Also, 50 oxygen cylinders were also made available, along with supply of two air reservoirs rf 420 Ltr. capacity each, for setting up an oxygen generation plant.
“Taking forward the government’s goal of vaccination in mission mode, BLW has taken all measures to fully utilize doses of Covid vaccine supplied by the state government,” he said, adding that more than 50,000 persons have been vaccinated so far, with the larger share being non-Railway persons. BLW continues to be the one of the most sought-after vaccination centres amongst residents of Kashi.
He said that 3-T mantra — test, trace and treat — has led to comprehensive coverage and timely detection of Covid spread among residents on and off the BLW campus with smooth recovery. Special drives to test 1,500 asymptomatic persons on campus, in shops led to timely identification of potential Covid spreaders and curbing further spread of Covid.

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