Aries Monthly Horoscope August 2021: Read predictions here


Ganesha says, this month will be explicitly well for the people involved in education. Results coming this month for Aries will be more than they expected. Children involved in higher education will have to go through stress in the second half of the month as 9th house will weaken slowly in the later half of the month.
Ganesha says this month will be a very crucial month in your career path. With the right number of efforts and determination, the presence of the eleventh house will help you prosper surprisingly. The efforts that you put in your career this month will not go into vain and will definitely play a major role in your professional growth.
You will have to be more careful with the expenditure you do on your business this month. If you don’t see any growth in your business for some time, more efforts should be made to get good feedback from current clients and less efforts should be made to bring new clients for business. Working on the business for the first two weeks will be beneficial for the business’s growth in the future.
Ganesha says if your relationship is going through some challenges, the second half of the month will heal it and make the bond stronger. You will get a chance to establish a much deeper and meaningful connection with your partner this month. You will establish a new and better understanding of your partner and their life in the first two weeks.
You and your spouse will notice an improvement in your relationship. The third week of this month will bring progress to your married life. You will establish a more intimate, loving and rewarding relationship with your partner. There is no particular threat seen in married life this month.
Your children may have to face some challenges this month. Your support will help your children overcome the problems and also learn from them. Mother-daughter relationships will get stronger by the end of this month with effective communication.
— By Astro Friend Chirag – Son of Astrologer Bejan Daruwalla


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