A Diwali dampener: Snag, power failure hit water supply in Noida | Noida News


NOIDA: Water supply has been hitin a few areas as residents complained of no supply or low pressure. Sector 51 received no water on Sunday, while the pressure was low in sectors 62 and 31.
“It is a matter of great shame that no water was supplied to any house in Sector 51 on Sunday, the occasion of chhoti Diwali. Even yesterday, the residents faced a water crisis. It is ridiculous to see such chaos from the Noida Authority. We curse ourselves as to why we bought a house in a city like Noida,” said Sanjeev Kumar RWA general secretary Sector 51.
While Kumar was irked that even on the days of festivals, residents of blocks C and D are left yearning for the basic necessities, Anita Joshi, another resident of the sector, maintained that water problems were being faced by residents of other blocks in the sector too. “Residents of blocks A and B in Sector 51 are also facing water supply problems,” said Joshi.
Rajeev Sharma, RWA president of Rajat Vihar C Block in Sector 62 complained of very low pressure of water. “Residents of our society are also facing water problems as the pressure is very low. While the water requirement is more during the festival period as relatives and guests come visiting, it’s embarrassing to go through these issues in a city like Noida,” Sharma said.
“Last year too, water supply was interrupted during Diwali. My question is, why does this interruption of supply happen during the Diwali period?” he questioned.
Devender Chauhan, a resident of Sector 31, too complained of very low pressure in the sector leaving residents to ration whatever stored up water they have during the festival period.
When contacted deputy general manager water and sewer department Noida Authority RP Singh told TOI that some electrical issue resulted in supply disruption and that supply will be normal from Sunday evening. “There was some electrical fault which resulted in supply disruption in some sectors. There was a temporary short fall of supply on Sunday morning due to power failure during supply time. That has been fixed and water supply will be normal in the evening in Sector 51 as the underground reservoir (UGR) is comfortably full,” Singh said.

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